• Property Research - all forms of residential real estate research are available
  • Property Selection & Acquisition - Lilleybuild has a long history in identifying and acquiring quality real estate
  • Financing Options - Finance facilities can be arranged
  • Financial Advice - Financial advice is complex. Lilleyfinancial has access to skilled and experienced advisors
  • Design - we have a capable and experienced design team
  • Town Planning - Lilleybuild only engages top quality professionals
  • Renovation - our specialty - Lilleybuild has a mission to continue to regentrify inner Brisbane
  • New Build - vacant land presents a great opportunity for creative development. We work hard to create wonderful homes. 
  • Project Management - undertaking development requires skilled project management. We have been doing it for many years with great success
  • Subdivision - our town planning partners are experts
  • Multi-Unit Development - Lilleybuild participates in small to medium sized unit and townhouse developments
  • Property Sales - Lilleybuild has unique connection to the real estate fraternity and has collaboratively achieved some very succesful outcomes over many years

Recent Projects