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The Lilleybuild Group is building Properties of Distinction within Brisbane. See our comprehensive range of development solutions and property services

Welcome to Lilleybuild

At Lilleybuild we offer boutique building and development services achieving excellence in service and true distinction in property.

Our dedicated and experienced team buys, builds, renovates and markets fine homes in Brisbane, particularly within Brisbane’s highly sought after Inner West. With a proven track record of success and excellence in design, Lilleybuild has developed numerous recognised and highly regarded residences in the inner city for over 12 years and undertaken property procurement, development and sale transactions for hundreds of properties over the past 35 years throughout Queensland.

Our business is involved in all elements of property development.  We can arrange property purchase, finance, design, new build or renovation, home styling and the sale process. Our lives are dedicated to all things property through our dedicated teams in Lilleybuild, Lilleyfinancial, Lilleyhomedesigns and Lilleyhomeproperties. We do this in conjunction with our building, real estate and funding and financial planning partners.

Recent Projects